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When you realize you are stuck, And you keep experiencing the same cycle over and over, Courage is looking for a new way to live Or Discovering a way to thrive where you are!

What if it isn’t about how hard life is, but who you are and what you bring to life? What if the change is not changing your circumstances first, but changing you, and in changing you, somehow your life changes? Life is always personal! Life is always affecting us! We are either moved by it or we become rigid in the way we approach life. We are always in relationship to our situation, our selves, others, and God. It is all about relationship. If you are interested in changing the relationship with yourself, your circumstances, others, or God keep reading! How might you feel differently if you had a Certified Professional Coach in your life that: 1 Encouraged your professional growth through self-discovery and an intentional action plan? 2 Assisted you and your partner in creating a healthier relationship and setting goals for long term growth? 3 Challenged your negative thoughts, emotional distortions, and progressively taught and trained you in personal transformation? 4 Inspired you to expand your understanding and relationship with God? These are just a few areas that I specialize in using 4 brain systems and 4 relational fundamentals. If you are ready for growth, please call to set up appointment with Debrah today
Debrah Williams

Debrah Williams


  • MA in counseling from George Fox University
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Training in The Brain and Behavior
  • Creator and Founder of: Relational and Spiritual Fundamentals