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Healthful Tree

(For Personal, Professional, and Cultural Growth)

Healthful Tree    
  • How developed is your root system?
  • Are you able to harness your thoughts and emotions during difficult conversations or painful experiences to apply the skills of the root system and create the ability to be aware
  • Have you noticed that learning communication skills, sharing feelings, and talking about your needs does not necessarily change your life?
  • Did you know the issues are often not the issues? If you have worked for years on an issue that doesn't go away; I would suggest you have a root system problem.
  • Are you aware that professional cultures also struggle with the same root issues? What type of manager and leader are you?

The root system skills are often referred to as soft skills. I want everyone to know that developing your root system in all relationships is not for wimps. There is nothing soft about it! It is like preparing for a marathon. You have to dig deep and harness every ounce of energy and focus to develop these in yourself. Yet, like running a marathon every part of you has to be engaged to accomplish your goal. If you focus on developing and harnessing these roots first then your life has the potential to take on new meaning. But, if you focus on the top of the tree without the roots being well developed you will have a tendency to keep cycling through old patterns. The most difficult part of the root system is that it must be applied to yourself first. This is always more difficult, but it is the marathon. Nothing easy here! However, it holds the opportunity to create one of the most rewarding journeys you could ever take.

Coaching and Consulting with Debrah is about developing the root system in all your relationships, personal, professional, and most importantly yourself. Feel free to sign up for a class to learn more, or call for an appointment.

Tree Definitions:

Essential Values: Essential Values are those qualities necessary for stimulating human connection while at the same time applying those qualities to all areas of life. Examples: respect, generosity, caring, work ethic, etc.

Compassion: Compassion is to extend thoughtful kindness and a nurturing presence toward yourself in all of life, therefore being able to offer the same type of compassion to others.

Curiosity: A strong desire to know or learn something new. Remains curious and open even during difficult encounters! Uses mistakes as growth opportunities! Uses painful experiences as growth opportunities!

Awareness: Awareness is the ability to be mindful and conscious of your own emotions, thoughts, and needs AND also mindful and conscious of the other person's emotions and needs at the same time, without judging.

Courage: Courage is the willingness to self-reflect on the impact your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors have on yourself and others.

Integrity: A commitment to make sure your thoughts and emotions are consistent with words and actions of your essential values.

Risk: Risk is the willingness to harness uncomfortable emotions and thoughts for the sake of allowing others to see you and know you as you are. Being vulnerable is risky! Not being vulnerable is risky!

Reciprocity: Reciprocity is the desire and willingness to share the emotional, mental, and daily responsibilities necessary to maintain the relationship.

Adaptability: Adaptability is the desire, willingness, and actions taken to accommodate the needs of yourself and others for the sake of the relationship.

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